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The Estonian Broadband Development Foundation was founded in the initiative of Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and by the members of Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (ITL) on August11th 2009.

The objective of the foundation is to launch the project of EstWin and to give all residential houses, businesses and authorities a chance to connect to the next-generation broadband network with a transmission speed up to 100 Mbit/s by the year of 2018. In the scope of EstWin project more than 6000km of fiber-optical cables will be installed and more than 1400 connection points will be constructed. The construction of basic network should provide that 98% of the residential houses, businesses and authorities are located closer than 1.5 km from the basic network.

Why is broadband important?

Today many economic sectors in Estonia are related to broadband. The new technological solutions make operation easier and more efficient and enhance the competitiveness of the whole economy. Due to long geographical distances and low density of population, people and businesses in rural areas find it much more difficult to communicate with authorities and service providers as well as to access information and entertainment. The access to broadband is in rural areas more limited and the low quality does not enable all of the information society services to be used. Many service providers and authorities have due to the efficiency programmes significantly decreased the provision of services in rural areas. Post and bank offices, schools and healthcare institutions have been closed down. Various businesses have ended their operation in rural areas.

The development of the new broadband network in rural areas enables to use new information society services (ebanking, estate, elearning, emedicine, ecommerce, entertainment, etc.) and people will have again a chance to use these services in their home region. Access to broadband network makes rural areas significantly more attractive places of operation for enterprises, too.

"The Development Vision of Next-generation Broadband Network in Estonia", prepared by ITL in April 2009 and approved by the Estonian Government, has set a goal to give all residential houses, businesses and authorities a chance to connect to next-generation broadband network and achieve a data transmission speed up to 100 Mbit/s. The success of this programme is directly related to the realization of EstWin project.

EstWin - Fast broadband connection in Estonia from Elasa on Vimeo.

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